Michele Brancati

Michele Brancati was born in 1977 in Reggio Calabria. 
After finishing academic studies in Cinema and Photography at DAMS (Discipline of Arts, Music and Spectacle) in Bologna, he continued his formation in photojournalism at the Italian Photography Institute in Milan.

In 2008 he lived at the border between Slovakia and Ukraine to document the living conditions in immigrant centers.

He was a participant in the “Cohabitation, Integration and Dialogue among Cultures” in Italy and abroad, and he presented his works at different solo and group exhibitions. 

From 2010 he has been working on an intimate project using compact analog cameras.

Lives and works in Germany, in a small town surrounded by nature

Family Diary

Since 2010, the year I moved to Germany, I have decided to dedicate part of my time to document my daily life. An intimate and instinctive diary that slowly turned into a familiar story. I slowly abandoned the limitations that the practice of a classic reportage would have entailed, focusing on everyday things not because they are interesting but because they just happen and their simplicity caught my attention.

Photography has the gift of revealing all these details and transforming my visions by bringing everything into uncharted territory.