• Maria Clara Macrì

    New York, Los Angeles, Londra, Parigi, non è mera peregrinazione: In Her Rooms è un viaggio interiore, è la delicata narrazione di donne avulse da qualsiasi condizionamento socio-culturale, lontane dalla propria famiglia o luogo d'origine, come senza vincoli appare essere il viaggio stesso di Maria Clara Macrì, la quale intreccia le storie delle sue muse affidandosi al destino. “As a woman I have no country.

  • Yasmina Benabderrahmane

    The images of Yasmina Benabderrahmane take us back along endless routes, grinding kilometers from the hinterland to the coast, from the desert to the sea crossing oases and faces, barren lands, deserts and a humanity with ancient features.

  • Enzo Cillo

    Silent Edge is a work exploring the space of the image. The idea of this project comes from a reflection on the concept of “limit”. The space constrained between the horizontal and the vertical, between X and Y.

  • Michele Brancati

    Michele Brancati was born in 1977 in Reggio Calabria. After finishing academic studies in Cinema and Photography at DAMS (Discipline of Arts, Music and Spectacle) in Bologna, he continued his formation in photojournalism at the Italian Photography Institute in Milan.

  • Vincenzo Pagliuca

    Today for the column “The Gangway” we present “Napoli Nord”, the first book of the Italian photographer Vincenzo Pagliuca, edited by the independent photobook publisher The Velvet Cell, established in London in 2011 by Éanna de Fréine.

  • Marco Marzocchi

    Marco Marzocchi's photography is the search for people, atmospheres and places of the past that mix with the present in order to define it and make sense of it. It is beauty in everyday simplicity and in those small details that hide joy, fear, or pain, elements that combine like in a poem.

  • Frederico Azevedo

    My photographic style is marked by the sometimes violent sometimes soft desire of photographing life in all its incarnations, the relationships with others, the rawness of the world, and mostly this antagonist feeling that inhabit ourselves sometimes, this thing we call Love.