Who’s who

Through an inclusive project of cultural promotion, the association THE DOCKS, based in Napoli, aims to support and propagate the language of images in all its declinations and intends, starting from the field of the visual arts, to revitalize the city area and enhance the urban fabric. Our desire is to show and make suitable the multiple faces of authorial photography, enriched, nowadays, by ideas and contaminations that make it an increasingly complex form of expression

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Roberta Fuorvia

“The only “mistake” I’ve done was to meet Pasquale Autiero in a bar some months ago.. A warm evening of late spring 2020. Now I am the president of #THEDOCKS.
Our main goal is to expand the horizons on contemporary photography, always keeping the focus on our rich tradition”.

Pasquale Autiero
Photographer and poet

“Our desire is to create something stable where we live, a place to open a debate and create a community around the photographic language, a way to compare different realities without the risk of losing the link with our roots”

David de la Cruz 
Visual artist

“I could have been in Madrid enjoying the fruits of my talent (I can desalinate seawater while painting colossal walls), but I decided to be an integral part of the cultural process for the creation and development of a movement that finally gives, to the new generation, the proper space in the contemporary art scene “

Federica Di Lorenzo
Art historian

“I’ve decided to put my cultural background at the service of #THEDOCKS project and, after almost a year, I still don’t regret it! Our dream is to live in a community where reading through the images will not be just a privilege for the insiders and we are going to work hard to realize it.”

Andrea de Franciscis
Photographer and doctor

“For most people, lockdown has meant closure, we have intented it as an opportunity. The Docks is a visionary project and it aims to elevate Napoli as an international hub for contemporary photography”